Graduation, bachelor's of science in biology

Andrew Pino

Biologist, Project Manager, QA and Data Analyst
MHA Candidate
Graduation, Biology, STEM
Teaching Summer Science

Genetics Day of STEM summer science camp. My star pupal showing off his helix. Students were taught a different subject everyday, from computer science to chemistry.

Developing microsatellite markers

After developing DNA primers, preforming PCR and running countless gels… The research gods smiled upon me. Fragment analysis showed variation at every loci tested!

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Research Conference

This is me presenting at the Metropoliatan State University research conference in 2018. I developed promer pairs for population studies and got to show off my fluresent M13 tailed primer skills. I even got my poster signed by this amazing woman of STEM! Single mom, NASA engineer, writer, speaker. #reneehortonphd

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Graduation Day

Bachelor's of science majoring in biology with a chemistry minor. It was a long road, took a break from school and entered the cooperate world working in proteomics for 7 years. Best day ever celebrating with my sisters of science!

Getting My Code On
Getting My Code On

In the image above, I am actually getting my HTML on. It is a MVC project, so it does require a technical touch.

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    Project management has been the core of my career. I have experience with software project management, website project management, quality assurance testing, even managing projects in the lab related to the development of genetic markers for population studies. I have remarkable people skills and work well with cross functional teams. I enjoy facilitating ‘meetings of the minds.’ That has been running daily stands, gathering requirements and roll out of new or updated products or business processes. I have worked for start-ups, midsize companies, participated in the acquisition of companies and worked in a company that was acquired. I feel comfortable in each of these business settings and excel at forming strong relationships with end-users and development teams.
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